Raquel stands with us on what matters most


Raquel makes sure your voice is heard

Raquel has served for three years as State Representative in House District 19.   This election cycle she is running for Senate District 10, which includes Salem, West Salem, Monmouth and Independence.  The opportunity to restore balance to the senate is now.   The effect of a lopsided House and Senate over the last several years has resulted in lower educational standards for our children, a rise in crime, and both small and large businesses struggling.  As representative, Raquel worked hard against legislation that placed further burdens, restrictions, and mandates on all aspects of life.  As your Senator, she will help to bring balance to the senate and ensure legislation that will improve educational standards, support law enforcement, and reduce the tax and regulation burdens placed on our businesses.  It’s time to remove the Portland minded politicians.  They don’t reflect the values this community holds dear, a good education for our children, safe streets and neighborhoods, and thriving businesses.   

Government Accountability

One of the most critical responsibilities of a legislator is to hold our agencies accountable for their deliverables. We have seen failure after failure of our government institutions.

We must ensure that future Governors will not have the ability to exclude the legislature’s active participation during states of emergency.

Safe Communities

Law enforcement officers should have the funding necessary to keep our streets and communities safe and free of crime. The greater Salem area cannot allow what has happened in Portland to occur in our community.  

People sleeping on the streets is unsafe for everyone.  Improving public safety requires a partnership across multiple levels.  Supporting services must address mental health issues, alcohol abuse and drug addiction, as well as provide job skill training.  


Our students deserve to compete nationally, but Oregon’s recent lower graduation standards fail to equip them for the real world.  We need comprehensive education that’s rigorous, transparent, and inclusive of parental input.  

Health Care

Accessing affordable health care, including mental health, is hard for many Oregonians.  We need to provide greater access to patient care, and ensure varied training and education for our workforce.  Local county initiatives promoting healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle choices need to be promoted.  

Working Families

Small business owners, employees, and their families are Oregon’s backbone.  Issues hurting them, like workforce shortages, overregulation, and skyrocketing inflation, mean it’s time for balance and better policy choices.  

Natural Resources

We have the knowledge, ability, and desire for responsible use of our land for agriculture, dairy, cattle and forestry. We must take the bold steps as a state to allow the stewards of their lands the ability to flourish. In turn creating jobs, providing food, building materials, and the secondary businesses tied to this industry.

We must protect our small/private farms, fisheries, and dairies from continued regulation. They are excellent stewards of their resources – providing jobs, food, and services for nearly 4 million Oregonians.